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Rockford Family Eyecare Scavenger Duck Hunt

Rules To Play:
1. Find all the ducks from the hints that are posted on Facebook and RockfordDuckHunt.com

2. Take photo/selfie with each duck and hashtag #RockfordFamilyEyecare on Instagram AND tag Rockford Family Eyecare Facebook page AS WELL AS the business that you found the duck at. Remember, the more "Shares" and "Likes" the greater the chance to win.

3. Return to Rockford Family Eyecare*

*Competition starts August 11th at 9:00 am and ends August 19th at 12:00pm. Visit RockfordDuckHunt.com or our Rockford Family Eyecare's Facebook page for clues at 12:00 pm on the 11th. Special early-bird clues will be revealed during our Facebook LIVE video on the 11th at 9:30 am. 

Two ways to win!
The person who finds all the ducks, uploads their pictures and returns back to Rockford Family Eyecare the quickest will win $200. The person with the most creative or most "Liked" picture on social media will also win $200. 


1. Find me playing with the toys at your Uncle’s Wife’s “Toy” Store.

2. Ill be working on the latest print news at Rockford’s weekly newspaper shop.

3. I am getting my tires rotated and my oil changed at Crazy Dan’s “RIVER” Auto shop.

4. Find me reading all the free books available to the Rockford public.

5. I be eating some “PUMPED” frozen yogurt and tons of toppings at one of Rockford’s best ice cream shops.

6. Watch me knock down pins and score a perfect 300.

7. You can catch me smelling roses at Rockford’s floral store.

8. Ill be catching the game at Rockford’s Downtown Sports Bar.

9. Join me as I work on getting on the wall of hotdog eating fame.

10. Find me eating “SWEET” sugary snacks until my “TEETH” fall out.

11. Creating masterpieces by chance at the “ART” shop of Rockford on Northland Drive.

12. Grabbing a coffee at the Large B coffee shop on 10 mile road.

13. You can find me getting my nails done and a facial at the salon on Northland Drive next to Our Lady Consolation church.

14. I love getting new kicks at Rockford’s “DEPOT” of shoes.

15. After hours of flying I need to get an adjustment with my physical therapist located at “H/J” near McDonalds.

16. Find me where you would take your car when you have a fender bender. Its the “STAR FOR CARS”.

17. Look for me as i am walking up and down the isles of Rockford’s Hardware store.

18. Although you won't see any winged horses here, Ill be shopping for Rockford Rams apparel at Rockford’s favorite team apparel store.

19. Come grab a glass of wine (or Root beer) with me at Rockford’s favorite wine depot or “CELLAR”.

20. Come find me getting my feathers trimmed at the barber shop on Northland and East Main street in Rockford.

21. Watch me expand my tastes by sampling the “WORLDS” and Rockford’s best balsamic and oils.

22. Dark chocolate, turtles, and candies! Come have a “SWEET” treat with me at downtown’s candy “LAND” store.

23. Some like custard, some like jelly but my favorite donut has “SPRINKLES” on them. Come have one with me.

24. Come see the "Sees" - Rockford's favorite husband and wife eye doctor team on 10 Mile Rd.

As a reminder the ducks are not to be taken from the businesses. They can be picked up and taken pictures with but the ducks must remain at each business for others to find. 


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