At Rockford Family Eyecare we have a wide range of contact lenses that can be suited perfectly for your lifestyle. Because contacts are made with different materials and all eyes are shaped a little differently, a lens that works for one person may not necessarily work for everyone. The doctors at Rockford Family Eyecare fit most soft contact lens brands as well as RGP's (rigid contacts) which allow them to correct your visual needs. Along with soft and hard contacts, the doctors are also certified in fitting perscription orthokeratology lenses (corneal reshaping therapy) which allow you to be lens-free during the day. 

Soft Contacts

We fit most of the major soft contacts lenses including Acuvue, Cooper, Air Optix (Alcon), and  Bauch & Lomb as well as many of the minor brands. Because we fit a wide range of soft lenses, we can find a lens that will work for almost anyone. With the arrival of silicone hydrogel lenses, some soft lenses are also approved for overnight wear. Contact lenses that can alter your eye color are another option- these come in a variety of colors, including wild eye or halloween lenses.  Schedule a time at Rockford Family Eyecare to be fit with contact lenses.

RGP Contacts

Although most new contact lens wearers today usually choose soft lenses to begin with, some people cannot get adequate clear vision with a soft lenses. When this happens a rigid gas permeable lens (RGP) may be a great option. RGP lenses may be used to correct both non-astigmatic and astigmatic eyes. Multifocal and monovision correction is also available with RGP contacts. Typically wear time is very similar to soft lenses, but most lenses are replaced yearly. The doctors at Rockford Family Eyecare are specifically trained in fitting standard as well as RGP lenses.


How would you like to have freedom from wearing contact lenses or glasses, yet still see clearly during the day? With orthokeratology you can do just that. While wearing a semi-rigid contact lens as you sleep at night, your cornea is reshaped to 20/20 vision when you wake up in the morning.  At Rockford Family Eyecare, we see this as great tool to give you laser-like vision without the risk of surgery. Ask us about orthokeratology or schedule an exam to learn more about this great option in vision correction. 

Life is too short to wear boring glasses! We have many unique, bold and fun frames that range from temples made with stained glass to temples that can be switched out for hundreds of different variations. We have frames that are made of 100% biodegradable materials and others that help fight blindness in developing countries.

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