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Q. How long has Ortho-K been around and is it safe?

A. Ortho-K has been around since the 1960s but has been FDA approved since 2002.

Q. How long do results last? Will I have to wear them every night?

A. Results always vary. Many people can go multiple days in a row without wearing their Ortho-K molds. The smaller the prescription that needs to be molded is, the quicker the molding time.

Q. Can Ortho-K correct Astigmatism, Farsightedness or Bifocal prescriptions?

A. Yes. Because our Ortho-K lenses are customizable, we can design the lenses for almost all prescriptions. However, at this time, Ortho-K is only FDA approved for nearsightedness.

Q. Isn’t there an increased risk for eye infections when sleeping in your contact lenses?

A. Ortho-K lenses have exactly the same amount of infection risk as wearing soft lenses during the day and even less risk compared to wearing soft contacts for multiple days straight (continuous wear contacts). 

Q. How old do kids need to be to wear the molds/lenses?

A. Age is not necessarily a factor when it comes to wearing soft or hard lenses - maturity is the important factor. Kids are actually better and quicker learners than adults! 

Q. Can you see in the Ortho-K lenses when they are on your eyes?

A. Yes. 

Q. Do the molds feel uncomfortable?

A. The molds are made with a rigid material. Just like any new contact lens wearer, anytime something is put in the eye there is a period of adjustment that is required.

Q. How long does each Ortho-K mold/lens last? 

A. As long as lenses are not lost, broken, warped or vision does not change, lenses may be worn for multiple years. However, yearly exams should still be performed for total eye health evaluations.

Q. What is the cost for Ortho-K? How long does each Ortho-K mold/lens last? 

A. Cost varies as each design is different. The customized lenses start at about $1500 however, these lenses may be worn indefinitely or for multiple years. Nonetheless, yearly exams should be performed for total eye health evaluations.

Q. Do I have to pay $1500 if I lose my Ortho-K lenses?

A. No. Replacement lenses cost less than a year supply of daily disposable soft lenses and only slightly more than a year supply of 2 week or monthly disposable soft lenses.

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