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At Rockford Family Eyecare, we believe that you are special and unique. When it comes to your eyes, that statement can not ring any truer.

When determining your eyeglass prescription many factors come into play - your current prescription, your basic needs including lifestyle and work environment, and what YOU perceive as clear comfortable vision. As your eye care provider, we take the time to make sure your visual needs are met whether they are for playing sports, lounging by the pool or crunching numbers on the computer at work.

Whatever type of glasses you need such as single vision glasses, progressive/multifocal glasses, standard bifocal glasses, or specialty glasses, at Rockford Family Eyecare your visual needs will be met. You will get the latest technology available for your glasses. You will also get exceptional personal care from our doctors which will ultimately result in a great pair of prescription glasses that will fit all your lifestyle and working needs. Some of the highlights that we offer include:

Digital technology
At Rockford Family Eyecare, we offer digitally made lenses that are personally tailored to your visual needs and your unique prescription. These lenses can be used for high index, polycarbonate and plastic materials. Schedule an exam with Rockford Family Eyecare today.

Photochromic Lenses
Photochromic lenses have been around for a long time but have improved tremendously within the last five years. Along with quicker transition times, photochromic lenses today, come in different colors with different amounts of darking abilities based upon your wants and needs. Having one pair of glasses that are clear when inside and dark outside, all the while getting 100% protection from UV rays makes this a great option for those who dislike having to switch between glasses and sunglasses.

Anti-glare/Anti-reflective coatings
With the excessive use of computers today, many people experience frusterating glare and fatigue that comes with staring at a computer. Many people also notice the increased amount of glare (star-bursts) that comes from the car headlights when driving at night. This clear ant-reflective coating works excellent in reducing glare that comes both from the computer and the annoying headlight glare at night. This coating is highly recommended for patients who work at the computer or have astigmatism. Ask one of our team at Rockford Family Eyecare about all the special enhancements that may be added to your lenses.

Life is too short to wear boring glasses! We have many unique, bold and fun frames that range from temples made with stained glass to temples that can be switched out for hundreds of different variations. We have frames that are made of 100% biodegradable materials and others that help fight blindness in developing countries.

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