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Your office was really quick to get me in when I mentioned that it had been suggested that I may have a detached retina. Although it turned out that wasn't the problem, there was a serious problem and with your recommendations and explanations, I saw our family doctor, got into a specialist he he wanted me to see. Although I am not enjoying what has been done, I am grateful that you so thoroughly explained what needed to done to alleviate this problem (thank you!). I will need exams from here on out and your office is where my appointments will be. We have already told many people about you, how professional everyone in your office was, and how genuinely kind you all were. That means a lot to us in today's society.Although, having to see a medical professional for anything is often stressful, we won't hesitate to recommend you. Thanks again!


After years of having irritated eyes, watering, and redness, I decided to see Dr See's after all the good feedback I received. In going to him I had tremendous attention to detail, letting me know all that's going on and why. He was patient with me and made me try a few different kinds of contacts so I personally knew and experienced all my options. Not only was my vision clearer than ever before with prescribed lens/glasses, but my eyes and nose no longer run all the time and I don't have irritation. His attention to my specific needs puts him way above any other eye doctor I've seen. In addition, he's brought technology and new methods of correcting vision from surrounding major cities, that you don't find in West Michigan. I highly encourage anyone to check him out if your considering switching, he's one of a kind and I'll be sure to bring all friends/family his way


Dr. Theodore Sees is amazing. He was patient with me and explained every step of the exam process. He educated me on the human eye and how they can detect diseases as well as high blood pressure or diabetes just by looking at your eyes with their cool instruments! He is very professional and I would highly recommend their practice to EVERYONE!!!


I went into to Rockford Family Eyecare for an eye exam and contacts. During the appointment Dr. Sees informed of the Ortho-k option. It sounded to good to be true, but I decided to try it. The process was almost like getting regular contacts. The results were better than I expected, and not having the restrictions of contacts or glasses was priceless for me. In my experience if I don't wear them for a night or two my eye sight is still 20/20. I also found out its cheaper over time to do Ortho-k than regular contacts! Thank you Dr. Sees for the great experience!


I first met Dr. Sees a few weeks ago for an eye exam. He was referred to me and oh were they right! Dr. Sees was professional with a fantastic "chair side" manner. He was very through, took his time and made me feel important. What ever your eyecare needs, Rockford Family Eyecare is definitely the place to go!

Melissa P. 

I was so impressed with your eyecare service! You took the time to explain everything you were doing and you genuinely cared for my daughters health and well being. I have never had an eyecare professional go above and beyond their job to care so much about their patients. Dr. Sees, your compassion for your patients and their families is amazing! I would highly recommend you to everyone I come in contact with. Thank you for making my daughters experience a positive one!

Jake S.

Drs. Ted and Carrie Sees are absolutely wonderful! I could not be more happy with the treatment and glasses that I received from them! They are the definition of professionalism. Not only are they kind and
compassionate, but they are fun people to be around! Their practice is second to none, and I would recommend, and will recommend, that people consult their services. Thank you Rockford Family Eyecare for taking care of me!

Travis H.

Absolutely love the staff and my new glasses! Would recommend!!

Mary H.

I have been in twice and could not be happier with my experience. Honest, personable, and professional start to finish. I will be bringing my family here for all of their eye care.

Sarah H.

I have struggled with severe dry eye for over ten years. I heard about a Rockford Family Eyecare and Dry Eye Center through a friend. Dr. See has done extensive research in treating the symptoms of dry eye. He is patient, kind, and extremely knowledgeable. The great customer service continued with Ben as he patiently endured my inability to choose a pair of glasses! But after some time I found just the right pair and they are stylish and fun. I highly recommend checking out Rockford Family Eyecare and Dry Eye Center.

Lindsey S.

I would highly recommend Dr. Sees! I felt very welcome and taken care of,
thank you!

Jennifer L.

So friendly, well worth the drive for us. The Doctor really takes his time & cares about you- that's something you just don't see anymore.

Amy D.

I would recommend this office over and over again. My daughter and I went for the 1st time today and will be back again!

Heather L.

I loved how Dr. Ted walked me through every process during the exam and Ben was really friendly and helpful with picking out glasses!

Holly S.

When I came to Rockford Family Eyecare for my annual eye exam I was beyond impressed. I had a very great experience; it was professional, clean and tidy. They treated me with the upmost respect and professionalism I have ever seen in a medical practice. I felt like both Theodore and Carrie Sees genuinely cared for my vision. They took the time to assess my needs while also making the experience the most accommodating as possible. Also I was especially impressed with was their ability to treat so many different eye conditions. From Dry eye to Blepharitis ; I have never seen a practice with such extensive services available to patients. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of my experience and I highly recommend both Theodore Sees O.D and Carrie Sees O.D.
This is a family friendly and professional practice that treats you with the upmost respect. This is what true customer service is about and I will be recommending this practice to all my friends.

Kara S.

I've been wearing glasses and/or contacts for the past 27 years. Dr. Sees gave me the very best eye exam that I have ever had. The exam was thorough and very informative. I've always battled dry eyes, Dr. Sees gave me a plan to help with my dry eyes before going to medication. Rockford Family Eyecare has a variety of frame selections that are fun and unique. Both Doctors are friendly and truly care about their patients!

Rebecca K.

Incredibly professional, educated, and friendly!! So happy to be able to have Dr. Carrie and Dr. Ted as my optometrists!! What a great location to boot!!

Trevor S.

Excellent eyecare center! My wife and I were referred to Rockford Family Eyecare and were very impressed. Dr. Sees performed a very thorough and professional exam. He took the time to meet all of my needs and answer all of my questions. I can tell by his professionalism that he takes pride in high quality patient care. His staff was very courteous, friendly and helpful. They have a wide selection of trendy glasses for affordable prices. I highly recommend Rockford Family Eyecare for your next eye exam.

Alicia T.

I have now had two great experiences at Rockford Family Eyecare! The first was when they did multiple treatments on a stye that was developing under my eyelid. The procedure was painless and helped clear up the stye quickly. I just went back there yesterday for an eye exam and Dr. Carrie Sees was incredibly professional in getting the prescription right and helping me make an informed decision. Also, I couldn't have picked out the right frames with out Melanie's expertise and guidance. Thank you for the consistency of your quality eyecare services!

Chris H.

Great experience! Very knowledgeable staff and docs. They were on time, friendly and very professional. I have been going to yearly eye exams for the last 20 years and this was the most thorough one I can ever remember. Wonderful selection of frames and fantastic office!

Jeff S.

Did a great job on my eye exam. Coolest looking office ever! Also informed me that medical insurance often covers eye exams, which was a pleasant surprise.

Judd B.

Great doctors. Great office and staff.

Jacquie B.

Great place, staff is makes you feel welcome, and they are very helpful. Love my new glasses.

Alison W.

I have been suffering with chronic dry eye, blepharitis, and meibomian gland dysfunction for more then 13 years now. I have seen 12 different eye doctors and specialists during the past 17 years since moving to the area. I even "gave up" and didn't see any eye doctors for an entire two years because no one seemed to think that having dry eyes was a big deal and no one had any solutions. (I can tell you it definitely is a big deal especially when you dread having to be in any place that contains fluorescent lighting, or air conditioning, like all businesses, stores, schools, churches, movie theaters, or restaurants; and when you have to wear sunglasses in your own home while watching television - it really is a big deal. This is all while using eye drops every 3 hours 24/7, wearing sleep goggles and masks every night too. My daily life has been very negatively affected. Being outside isn't any better unless there is no wind or sun....) Drs. Theodore and Carries Sees are by far more knowledgeable, caring, and helpful then any others I have ever seen. I am finally optimistic that my eyes will feel better again. I recommend Rockford Family Eyecare to anyone and everyone.

Scott and Kim G.

Just arrived home after a great visit to Rockford Family Eyecare. Going to the eye doctor was a first for both my teenage son and I. Dr. Sees was friendly and informative. Megan, who works in the front of the office, was kind and patient, taking her time to show us the variety of glasses and to educate us. I would highly recommend Rockford Family Eyecare to everyone who has a need for an eye doctor or new glasses.

Kris U.

I had a great experience at my eye exam today! We recently moved to the area, so I was a bit nervous to see a new eye Doctor! Nerves are gone! Dr. Sees was great! He is so personable and explains everything. His staff is also great. Very helpful! Excited to have an eye Doctor whose going to help me find contacts that will work for me!!

Miranda F.

We had the greatest experience at Rockford Family Eye Care. Dr. Sees does an excellent job. I was very impressed with how great he was with my 9 and 11 year old boys as they are very high strung and all over the place! I felt like Dr. Sees had as much fun as the boys did! We will continue to come here as we love the atmosphere and customer service. Very professional and friendly. Thank you Dr. Sees!

Chelsey J.

Had a wonderful experience here today! I will never be going anywhere else for my appointments. The staff is professional, knowledgeable and SO incredibly kind and friendly. I truly enjoyed my appointment and will be happy to come back to visit this great staff! Thanks Dr. Sees!

Christina L.

I visited Rockford Family Eyecare with my son for the first time recently and had a great experience. It was his first visit to an optometrist. Dr. Sees and his staff were friendly and helpful. I love that their office is so close by. Will definitely be back for future eye exam visits!

Jennifer R.

By far the best eye care experience I've ever had. Great staff- AMAZING doctors- very family friendly. They carry a great selection of frames. Meagan was great helping me choose the perfect pair! I highly recommend- you won't be disappointed

Jamie Z.

When people honestly enjoy what they do, it turns great customer service into EXCEPTIONAL Customer Service. Thank you, Dr. Sees and Ben, for what has proven to be another pleasant and educational visit.... Love being able to see without contacts or glasses

Belinda S.

Dr. Sees is professional and enthusiastic! Obviously loves his profession! My daughter and I received very complete and informative exams and Ben was very helpful in frame selection.

Andrea N.

Dr. Sees took great care of my 6 year old daughter! He answered all of my questions, took his time with her and helped her to be excited about her new glasses!

Sarah J.

Came all the way from Kalamazoo to learn more about Ortho - K. Dr. Sees did a very thorough job explaining this new way to stop myopia! Looking forward to improved vision! Thank you, Rockford Eyecare

Meghan K.

I very much appreciate their holistic health approach and humble, informative explanations. I made appointments for the rest of the family, so we will be back!

Joellyn G.

I not only had a comprehensive eye exam, but the personal attention given to me for selecting just the right contacts was irreplaceable! Thanks Dr. Sees!

Bobbi B.

Dr. Theodore Sees (Tedd) is an amazing eye doctor. He has worked with me for almost a year now in my dry eye issues and other eye care. He is extremely thorough in his work and genuinely caring about his patients. Not only his he very personable, but he is very jovial and fun-spirited. He is a true joy to be around, especially when dealing with something as sensitive as eye care. He brings a whole new view of eye care than most.

Julie B.

Amazing staff who made us feel like family! Took the time to explain things. Relaxing environment. Clean and professional in every aspect!

Keith S.

Great place to go. Service is far greater than the box stores for eye care. Finally a real exam. I won't be going anywhere else for my eye care.

Missy B.

I highly recommend Rockford Family Eyecare. The staff was super helpful, the place is spotlessly clean and they have a great selection of frames--even Kate Spade! My eight year old son even had fun and was an active participant in the eye exam. There wasn't any pressure for sales but there was extreme focus on my comfort, lifestyle and need for glasses.

Allison K.

Amazing service! Just had my sunglasses replaced under warrenty with a smile. The staff is always so helpful!

Chels J.

BEST experience I have had at an optometrist, ever and I have been all over Grand Rapids for eye appointments. If you have been unhappy with other eye docs in the areas, you should make your appointment here ASAP! Dr. Sees was extremely helpful, friendly, and educational! His staff out front and on the phone (especially Ben)are SO extremely helpful and kind. They truly care about what is best for you while understanding eye care can be pricey. I will definitely be coming back!

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